Wednesday, 30 November 2016

October and November

Where has the time gone? It's been ages since I have posted, although I have continued both sewing and knitting all be it at a slower pace. Previously, I used to have days or a week of frenzied sewing but these days I have to try and fit it around a small person. Little A is getting bigger and needs more entertaining these days so I cannot focus solely on sewing or knitting any more.  

We've finally moved into our new house. It was a bit surreal at first, having not lived in our own space since Uni (10 years ago!!) but I'm enjoying it immensely. We've decorated and I love living in a space which is so aesthetically pleasing to me. It turns out my tastes naturally tend to mid-century vintage - teak furniture, geometric prints and lots of teal, yellow and grey. Above is a picture of the dining area in our kitchen. I've had great fun unpacking all our belongings from storage, including our wedding presents. My favourite thing is our cutlery set - it's so bright and really cheers me up, I love using it.

Anyways, I thought very briefly about making my own curtains but soon realised this wasn't feasible with a baby and 7 pairs of curtains to create. So I bought ready-made, but the problem is our windows our not standard sizes (thanks to my architect husband) and so every single pair of curtains needs altering in some way. It's a nightmare!

So the reason I haven't been able to post is because I've been in curtain altering hell, which is not a great place to be. I've gone on strike currently and am planning to fit in some much needed projects for me. I have managed to get some time every evening with my knitting projects and will update on those soon!

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  1. it's lovely to see you post again :) can't wait to see your knitting projects! x