Saturday, 31 January 2015


I'm Fiona and this is my very first ever blog post. Welcome to my brand new blog 'Sewing vs. Knitting'. If anyone is reading this, I wanted to start by firstly explaining why I am starting a blog. And then I got thinking that to do this I would probably need to explain why a blog on sewing and knitting. So here goes ...

I've been sewing since my teenage years. I took GCSE Textiles at school and was lucky enough to be allowed to experiment with my mum's (ancient) sewing machine. Two years ago, as a surprise my parents brought me a sewing machine for my birthday. I made a few small projects, bunting, etc. But it wasn't until I was in the Gap outlet trying on a slightly too big dress in the sale, that I realised I could take it in. This lead to my light bulb moment when I realised that why should I have to take in clothes to get them to fit ... why not make my own?

New Look 6483: My first two makes ever made. Maybe one day I'll post them ...

So I've been making my own clothes since May 2014, when I bought my very first pattern (New Look 6483) and followed this up with Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes. I totally fell in love with creating my own clothes and haven't looked back.

So where does knitting come into it?

As I became interested in sewing, I started googling things and discovered sewing blogs. I quickly became hooked and then started becoming seriously envious of other bloggers amazing handmade cardigans and jumpers. My mother-in-law knits and this got me thinking ... maybe I could knit myself some clothes?

I was taught to knit by my Granny when I was a child and created this massively long stripy scarf. I don't know where it's gone now, but i'd love to check out my dodgy knitting again. I was feeling decidedly less confident about my knitting abilities. So, in November I treated myself two beginners knitting books, Knitty Gritty by Aneeta Patel and Learn to knit, love to knit by Anna Wilkinson.

After stealing some wool and needles from my mother-in-law's stash, I was off. I've knitted several smallers projects and have discovered that I'm not as awful at it as I first thought. Hooray!

So back to the blog ... I'm at the point where I would like to start recording my journey in learning to sew and knit. I'd also like to be able to share my successes (and failures), get help from other crafters (sewists? knitters?) and maybe even help or inspire others along the way.

So ... let the blogging commence!!