Monday, 25 July 2016

My latest creation...

Long time, no post! I've been rather busy recently and most of May and all of June seem to have slipped by and it's now mid July. I can't say that I've no idea where the time has gone because it's all down to this little fella ...

Introducing my latest creation, baby Arthur. Arthur was born on the 16th of May at 1.11am after approximately 40 hours of labour. Yes .... 40 hours, I know!! I'll spare you the gory details but it was relatively painful and didn't quite go to plan. However, it was totally worth it and it's true what they say - you forget the pain straight away and I would definitely go through it all again.

It has taken me quite a while to recover and I finally feel more like myself. Life with a newborn has been an adjustment but I'm getting used to reduced sleep, being covered in poo/wee/sick and eating at the speed of light when he's crying!

Arthur and I enjoyed the Sewing Bee. As I can no longer watch anything past 9pm (our official bedtime) I recorded it and watched at my leisure during the day. A massive well done to Charlotte for winning, she was my favourite all along and I was also pleased to see Jade in the final as I think she has a natural instinct for sewing. There were definitely some interesting challenges in the series and it has inspired me to maybe have a go at refashioning some garments in the future.

I have a project to blog about that I made pre baby and another project currently on the go- sewing with a newborn is not impossible but tricky. So watch this space!